Thursday, December 13, 2018

December Boys

Sometimes Stockton is really helpful and patient and wants to "help" me with whatever I'm working on. Today I was scanning some paperwork for Austin and Stockton was VERY interested - he had Austin bring over his pink chair "so he could work with Mom" and he helped me listen for when the scanning was complete. His favorite part was getting to open the lid to take out the paper and put the next paper in, closing the lid and waiting expectantly for the sound to start again.
trying to hide under the couch when it's time to get in the car

 Other days he's not so helpful. This week he has mounted a firm and aggressive position against getting in the car to pick Natalie up after school. Even once he's finally in the car, he refuses to buckle, which is exceedingly frustrating because it is obviously unsafe to drive with him unbuckled, but I also can't miss picking Natalie up. It's just something that he decided to be stubborn about, and all I can say is that I hope it's a very brief phase because it has been terrible.

 Three separate days where Stockton preferred to flop around (or throw the carseats all over the car and put the seats down in the back) instead of giving his poor mother a break and just buckling so we could go get Natalie.

Some days he's thrilled to get in the car and requests outings, and most of the time he is excited about going to school in the mornings. We drop Natalie off at 7:40 and then wait in the car until the preschool door opens at 7:55, and the boys enjoy roaming in the car. (We used to go for little walks while we waited but then it got too cold.) Stockton makes sure I park directly in front of the staircase so he can look down and into the windows of the classroom to see his teachers getting ready for the day. ("Look at Miss Lauren! Ahh, it's Miss Kaycee!")

Holmes Elementary occasionally posts pictures to their facebook page and it's fun to peruse them and see if I can spy any Poulsen children. It's fun to see them in their element at school, like Stockton painting here:

 Stockton loves to vacuum and recently he has been asking my dad if he can be a vacuum helper when we go to my parents' house. My dad loves it and goes all over the house letting Stockton vacuum to his hearts' content. One morning before school we checked the mail and my dad had sent Stockton a letter thanking him for his help and giving him a $2 bill as appreciation. Stockton wanted to carry it all morning and was so pleased that his PopPop appreciated his vacuuming. I love their relationship! My dad has always had a special bond with Stockty.

I love when the boys play super well together, having "picnics" of goldfish and milk or playing play-doh. They get off the bus around noon every day, and then we have over two hours until we have to get Natalie from school. It's fun to have time just with the boys. I'm so glad they are close.

A couple days ago Jack randomly asked me to make him an egg at like 2 in the afternoon. He was so cute about it.

Then he wanted to put his hood up and get his coat on so he was "ready to get Natalie."

we love when Mimi comes to play!

I couldn't find my phone charger the other day until I opened the fridge...

Stockton writes his name everywhere, and I love it! Jack does it too, so I need to find a picture

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