Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Good Day, Bad Night

Yesterday we went to Mimi's house for the last time before they leave for Christmas break. We will miss themmm...especially since the kids will all be home from school for like three weeks and even though I love them I've become accustomed to my ME time in the mornings!

 I'm sad these pictures are blurry because it was so cute - Stockton wanted Ernie to be buckled with him on our way to Mimi's

joy riding

We watched Hotel Transylvania 3, folded/envelope'd Christmas cards, chased the cat, went to Target, had popsicles, and milled about pleasantly. We left in the afternoon so we could be home to make dinner (homemade pizza!), and then shared some ice cream on the couch. After I finished teaching a piano lesson we got in the car to go look at Christmas lights for family night. The kids were all cozy in their jammies and it was fun to pull them out of their seatbelts (!!) to come sit closer to us while we cruised the old paper route neighborhood. Austin talked about how Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and all of the lights that we saw on the houses symbolized Him. It was a simple and nice family night, and we all came home and got ready for bed.

Then Natalie threw up, and then the boys took turns throwing up all night. But not like a gross empty-your-stomach throw up, more like dry heaving and weird gagging. So Austin "slept" on Stockton's floor, helping him, and I brought Jack to the couch and slept on the floor next to him. We had fun tagging each other on facebook and texting at 4 in the morning, because what else do you do when your kids are sick and you're awake all night?

By morning everyone was more or less okay, but tired. So it's been an easy day, lots of couch resting and movies and water. And I've caught up on the blog, almost completely! Yay! Now we're hoping for an easy night, and no more sickies. Christmas is in six days, after all!

Jack made his way onto the floor next to me - this is what I woke up to : ) 

taking up residency on the couch while I'm on the other couch blogging

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