Monday, December 17, 2018

Halloween/End of October

we've been trying to take a family selfie each week during family night, and it's been mostly unsuccessful...but fun!

 Ripley in the morning // Natalie after ballet with Mimi

 Climbing trees at Bethany Park with Daddy // the classic pumpkin Natsby picture

 Jack and Julia are such fun friends : ) can't believe they will be 4 in April!

BEST PICTURES EVER...Austin and I were laughing so hard. 

 For my birthday Austin sent me to La Paz with a book to enjoy my dinner in peace. (We celebrated together the weekend before by going to the temple/P.F. Changs). I'm 28!

Mmmm, this is a yummy recipe!

another family selfie

L and E left me secret notes in my cupboard
for my birthday!

 Halloween was so fun this year. We weren't sure how Stockton would react to trick or treating but he loved it! He preferred to have us carry his basket and just go up to the door and take the candy with his hands, then bring the candy back to where we were standing with his basket. It was cute.

 The kids were very polite and cute, and had fun finding houses that looked open for business. They were momentarily disappointed when a house didn't have its lights on, but quickly moved down the street to find the next available house.

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it forever: Austin is just the best dad ever and we all
love him so much!

Jack demanded that he carry his own bag of candy, but ended up
dragging it most of the way. I'm surprised and grateful
 that it never actually came apart!

My mom got me this cute lil tree, so we got out some ornaments and let the kids go crazy with them in the hopes that, come Christmas, they wouldn't be excited to play with the ornaments on the actual tree. TOTALLY WORKED!! Also, Stockton broke my rearview mirror -_-

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