Monday, December 17, 2018

Lauren comes to VISIT!

Lauren came to visit me!!! All the way from Virginia to Nebraska. Which isn't as far as it would have been a year ago when she lived in England (no joke), so we're grateful to at least be in the same country again. Our relaxed, goofy, fun weekend was just what we needed.

On Saturday we went to Pioneers Park and enjoyed the excellent weather. It's nice to feel like we're *in the country* even though the park is just outside of Lincoln.

Stockton loved playing chase with Lauren

Lauren was a good sport and came to our ward's trunk or treat party the first night she was in town. I lost track of Natalie and Jack most of the time because they were with Lauren off having fun! She's the best mom of her own kids, and my kids felt super comfortable around her. (We haven't seen each other in person for SIX YEARS! So our kids basically haven't met us; I love that now they know who Lauren is!)

 Julia, Jack and Ella

lil alligator tail

 Trying to get picture evidence of me with three kids is always so hard

not sure what they were so hypnotized by

at HyVee...the kids all wanted to be as close to Lauren as possible and made her push the cart

Stockton looooved looking at pictures on her phone

We realized late one night that we had taken hardly any pictures together...and this was the best we could do haha. We rented Ocean's 8 and got treats during this outing.

Lauren was the dish queen! She wouldn't
let me do them while she was visiting

treats with Landy and Emily. I think we played a game too? and dinner

 We attempted to take more pictures Sunday night but the lighting was terrible and we were feeling too silly.

It was so nice to actually spend TIME together, instead of trying to catch each other on the phone on our busy days. Lauren is so helpful and wants to make sure everyone around her is comfortable. We had Indian food, spent a nice hour at the downtown bookstore picking books for each other's children, had Honest Abe's burgers with Austin, went to the playground with the kids, cooked together, and talked talked talked. I'm so grateful she was willing to make it happen to come visit me and I can't wait to repay the favor someday!


  1. I could weep, this post makes me so happy. You two have such a special bond and I love you both. Why is our country so huge?

  2. Why in the world do I have absolutely no memory of you taking two of these photos!? You are sneaky Jessie P! haha Love you tons and I cant wait for the next trip out...when you will be a momma of FOUR.