Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Max and Jessie take Minneapolis

Back in October Max and I drove to Minneapolis to see HAMILTON the musical! We started off the trip with peach rings (obviously) and two failed attempts at finding working aux cords. Bucky's off 72nd and i-80 hooked us up, luckily. 

look at those amazing lego bubbles of color coordinated bliss!
 We had time to spare when we got there so we went to the Mall of America, where I got the perfume I had been looking for and Max got coy fish socks. We geeked out for a while in the Lego Store, especially admiring the Harry Potter sets. I chose lego keychains for Austin and the kids (Boba Fett, Darth Vader, ballerina, and Spiderman) and then we went to the hotel.

This was the spread that awaited us at our fancy steakhouse dinner - they roll this table over to you to show you all the cuts of meat, and I kid you not this lobster was the size of my torso. Also, it was alive still, which made Max and I kind of sad.

We celebrated Max's birthday from the previous weekend and let the waiter treat us to dessert. Then, it was HAMILTIME.

 I've loved Hamilton since Ananda introduced us a few years ago, and Max was hesitant to get into it but finally got sold this summer and hasn't looked back. The tickets were expensive (thanks Max) but definitely worth it!
view from our seats - it was great! next time I see it I'll get closer seats for a new experience

 The show was just so good, everything we wanted it to be and more. My favorite songs were Dear Theodosia and Quiet Uptown because of the incredible emotional acting in those numbers; I loved King George because he was HILARIOUS; Aaron Burr stole the show with his stage bearing, singing, acting, and everything...he was the glue for the show; and then the other surprising and excellent part was the characters' dancing - it was so funny! I'm so glad we got to see the show live - it really adds a new depth to the songs and story we love so much. As always, it was fun to share the experience with my brother, too.

A perk of going to Minneapolis that weekend was that our high school friend, Tat, got married and we were able to go! Tat was in my grade and we knew all of the same people, and Max was best friends with her little sister and still is really close to their family. It was so fun to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in years, and chat as a good ol' Papillion bunch again. Plus the ceremony was short and beautiful, and the diet coke was unlimited.

 SO HAPPY Susannah flew in from Washington for the wedding!!! She was there to support Tat, of course, but it was a giant advantage for me too : ) And, she brought her boyfriend Sean! Who is completely awesome and funny and smart and kind. Max tried to convince him to be his best friend all night.

Easily the best table there - fun to see Jessie "Plumb" again, although I assured everyone I was
still married

the cinnamon roll I had for breakfast the next day. WOW.
It was a fun, quick trip. The drive was pleasant (6 hours?) and the hotel was fancy (of course, since Max was the one booking it) and the entertainment was perfect. We didn't pack too much into the trip - Saturday morning after we had breakfast with another old Papillion friend (hi, Kyle Warner!) Max went to an art museum and I got my nails done. Max and I have similar travel philosophies (eat at local restaurants, walk a lot, plan ahead but not to the minute, and spend extravagantly - it is vacation, after all!) so it's always fun to go on a trip together. We're thinking of doing Seattle next time, or maybe Washington, D.C.

(Aaand, if I had finished this right when it happened there would have been a lot more details, but as it is over two months since this trip occurred I am satisfied with this report.)

(AAAND, I think I am finally completely caught up!!!! I hope to get in a consistent groove before this baby comes so that it will be easier to keep up instead of always falling behind. I do still need to blog about this pregnancy, so I guess I'm not fully fully caught up, but since I still have 10 weeks to go I'm not technically behind yet!)

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  1. Yay for blog catch up! And come to Seattle!! I'd meet you there in a heartbeat. I'm only 3 hours away. I know where the best ice cream place is and the best part is you have to take a ferry to get there! The gum wall is sick and iconic and the seagulls are fearless. I know I've whetted your appetite now, haha.