Monday, December 17, 2018

Miscellaneous December

 Rippy being a cat // Stockton destruction in Max's room

 tired Jack // Jack's "project" - he made this art installation and was so proud of himself

 a cold Jack // a snake Jack

scavenger hunt at Target // the cutest recipe holder you ever did see

We babysat Landon and Emily's rats, Harvey and Winston! They kind of hated our basement but they survived.

 a little nose peeking!

 Natalie's card for Makall

 Stockton likes having "piano lessons"....hopefully someday he'll actually let me teach him!

 Movie night - I think it was HP2

 the kids LOVE playing UNO with Austin; Stockton loves getting wild cards ("I got a WIIIUHHLLD!")

 a warm park day // decorating the house for Christmas

 playing games after the boys go to bed

 Natalie helped make penne rosa for dinner

 Jack was transfixed with the plumber fixing our kitchen sink; he sat there and watched the whole time
 Austin reading HP to Natalie when she couldn't fall asleep 

 Pie and ham and burnt towels leading up to the ward Christmas party - it was a PRODUCTION that I dubbed "hamaggedon" but it's behind me now and it was successful, so I am moving on.

 Mimi took us to see the new Grinch movie! Natalie also got to go see Wreck-it Ralph 2 with Daddy, and Jack got to see the new Spiderverse movie with Daddy. Fun movie dates!

 The only picture I took from Friendsmasgiving this year! It did happen though, it was lovely, and the tradition lives on. (Birdsalls, Stauffers, Borgholthaus', and us.)

Sweet Natalie helping Jack get to class when we were late to school (thank you, Stockton's carseat defiance) and the things she was most grateful for this year. I'm grateful that she's kind and compassionate - she is a good example to everyone around her!

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