Wednesday, December 19, 2018

September Pictures

I hate to let these pictures get lost in the void of computer files without at least posting them here, so here they are from September!

 Daddy/Jack/Lebron James date to Pizza Ranch

 playing before preschool (it's weird to see all the green and no snow!)

 Stockton likes to perch here while I'm in the kitchen...he's getting so big!

 helping peel potatoes (Natalie got frustrated trying to cut them with a butter knife)

 I came home from the store and Austin was teaching the kids how to build a fire, which was so cute

 posters that the kids made for their teachers

 we played "drive-thru" every morning while waiting for glad this boy got a haircut since these pictures!

 fun in the Halloween section

 we went through a pretty extreme pirate phase around here - we built pirate ships (this brown paper was the sail that we taped to the bunk bed "ship"), ate pirate dinners (cheese/crackers, apples/grapes), wore pirate clothes and talked like pirates. It was silly and fun, and occasionally we still play.

 the lion was the ship's mascot

 We went for a stroll down the MOPAC trail on a nice fall day, and it was absolutely as delightful as these pictures make it seem. So sunny and explory and leafy and happy.

 hugs : ) notice the sun rising later in the morning

Jack proud of himself on picture day // family selfie watching Lego Ninjago

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