Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

We got to have two Thanksgivings this year! Makall was in town the week before Thanksgiving so we had the big dinner early with her and the rest of the NE Poulsens, and then on the actual day we went to Omaha with my family. My sister flew in from CA, but we missed Sam in UT. It was a really relaxing holiday with both families.

Jack, Jack, Max, Rippy


 my mom always sets such a pretty table

the only picture I have from the Poulsens, but I love Natalie's arm around Makall

heading to Mimi's the day before Thanksgiving (because...why not?)


Stockton feels very strongly about using the egg beaters at every opportunity. He was mad that I was making rolls on Thanksgiving morning without using the beaters, so I gave him a bowl with water and flour to make his own "rolls." He was thrilled.

 Jack also wanted to be in the kitchen, not to cook but to "ice skate." 

 Austin and Annie waiting for the okay to start picking at the golden turkey

what a plate!

 Stockton had graham crackers and sprite, Jack had turkey and corn, and Natalie ate turkey and rolls.

It was nice to be all together, as always. Like I said, we missed Sam, especially since this was the last Thanksgiving in this house! After dinner some of us went to the park with the kids, some cleaned up, and some passed out on the couch. Austin built a fire in the backyard and we enjoyed sitting out there for a while with PopPop and the kids.

photo cred: Natalie
Side note: the next day we all saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the movie theater, and it was PHENOMENAL. Triumphant, inspiring, joyful. Highly recommend! It was honest and moving, especially since we all grew up loving Queen.

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