Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Virtual Recipe Box - Dinners

My friend asked me to share some of my go-to dinner recipes and I started texting her pictures and explanations, but that got tedious and confusing so instead I'll put them here in one post that I can share more easily in the future.

A lot of these recipes are meals that my mom made for us growing up; several are from online sources; several are from Renetta and other friends; and some are just random that I've collected over the years. I don't like super involved recipes - I like good, simple, tasty food, with pronounceable ingredients and cheese and tabasco. I plan to add to this list occasionally, although this isn't an exclusive recipe box of absolutely everything I make, especially because it doesn't include the meals that I make without a recipe.

(taco salad, caesar wraps with homemade tortillas, autumn soup, baked tacos, ranch chicken, vinegar pork, homemade mac n cheese, etc)

Let me know if you try any of these recipes, or if you have questions! I am definitely NOT an accurate measure-er: I prefer to pinch a little here, dump more of what I like, and sort of edit my recipes as I go, so sometimes it's kind of hard to share certain recipes in written form.

One of my favorite things about cooking is remembering, "oh yeah, I got this recipe from so-and-so when they had us over for dinner on the 4th of July three years ago!" It's fun to have history with your recipes, and it makes me happy to imagine being in your recipe box years later : )

our favorite soup, but we've heavily modified it - cheddar instead of american, add one or two
drained cans of corn, omit the carrots and celery, add bacon; we almost always double this recipe

Italian Sausage Soup - this is a relatively new one for us, but we were absolutely scraping the bottom of the pan, it was so good!

 a Renetta favorite - we use onion salt instead of onions and serve with mashed or baked potatoes, canned corn, and a drizzle of soy sauce. I drain the pan of meatballs halfway through cooking and then add at least another serving of the sauce, ending up doubling or tripling what the recipe originally calls for.

guacamole is a must, as are warmed corn tortillas

 one of our family favorites. we serve with roasted potatoes with the leftover flour mixture sprinkled on top to make a lil crusty crust on the potatoes

mmm, this is so delicious. a unique twist on enchiladas - serve with mexican rice and seasoned black beans.
let me know if you want to make this one - I'll give you some insider info!

serve with savory rice, soy sauce or A1, and the peppers, onion, and pineapple are a MUST

do yourself a favor and alwaysss make this pizza sauce

I only use 1/2 pound of sausage, and I use cellentani pasta so it doesn't get soggy

 best meatballs in the universe

this is our favorite salad, but these measurements aren't
really what I go by, so text me if you want to make this one!

I use 1/2 pound of meat, and put a layer of pepperonis on top of the last layer of noodles/sauce

deceptively DELICIOUS

so easy and TASTY, with excellent leftovers. I forgot to add that we finely chop probably two or three handfuls of spinach
and add at the very end to the sauce before we dump over the noodles. we also add more than 1/2 c of cream

 these are kind of a pain to make but so tasty, especially with ketchup and a fried egg

pasta and chickpeas : this recipe doesn't immediately sound appetizing, but Ananda made it for us when she was here and YUM! it was so delicious. We use ditalini pasta (barilla brand, must) and make sure we don't overcook the noodles; in fact, they are better undercooked, so they have that al dente texture that collaborates so nicely with the chickpeas. (use Goya brand for the chickpeas)

Peas and Shells: your persistence has paid off if you made it this far ^^ this is one of the best recipes ever. so simple and so creamy and delicious and perfect. I double it and am not usually picky about the ratios of ingredients. I use frozen peas; I squeeze a lemon instead of using lemon zest. You can't not have lemon in this, it absolutely makes it. Extra parmesan on top when you serve it.

And here's a list of links to recipes that my friend Jill shared that I am putting here because
a) they look delicious and I want to try them
b) I will lose them in my text message vortex if they aren't stored somewhere

(we use breasts instead of thighs, for all recipes and all situations. thighs freak me out.)

slow cooker garlic parmesan chicken
slow cooker lasagna
lemon chicken pasta
chicken and broccoli stir-fry
korean beef (i have tried this one and it's good!)
cheeseburger pasta skillet
slow cooker honey garlic chicken
slow cooker pork chops

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