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Claire Matilda Poulsen - February 27th, 2019

With a due date of March 6th, I was allowed to schedule my c-section up to a week early. Three guesses when I scheduled it! I'll take all the breaks I can get, so February 27th (39 weeks) was the date.

{Fun fact: my due date was originally March 6th, but after the first ultrasound at 7 weeks my doctor said she thought it was a week later, so she moved it to March 13th. Then, at what I thought was my 20 week appt when I had the big ultrasound, the tech said that I was measuring right on schedule at 21 weeks, and I was confused until I realized my doctor probably never changed the due date in the computer. When I asked her about it she said yup that's probably what happened but that the baby looked fine as is and we could keep the due date at March 6th. I was walking on air! A whole week cut off!}

We were supposed to arrive at the hospital at 9am for the 11am c-section, which was perfect timing because we didn't have to wait all day in anxious anticipation for a later surger…


It's old news now since Claire is almost three months old but I never blogged about being pregnant with her! It was an uneventful pregnancy, similar to my others, except this time the pregnancy was definitely planned as opposed to the two previous "surprises." We got the positive pregnancy test on July 5th and it was so exciting - we had waited for a little over three years to try after having the other three children so close together, and it was so joyful to finally feel like the timing was right for us to have another. I am glad we waited - it was definitely the right decision for lots of reasons - but I was so thrilled to be expecting another baby. 
I felt so close to this little being that we knew had been waiting for us. I don't think I stopped grinning for the first trimester - even when I was achingly tired or my stomach felt mildly unsettled, I was just so happy to be pregnant. We kept the secret for a little while and shared lots of clandestine smiles, and…