Monday, May 20, 2019

Christmas Break

Ah! One of the worst parts of getting behind on blogging is forgetting what I have/haven't written about yet...I just went to download photos from Christmas 2018 and realized that I had deleted most of them off my phone thinking I had blogged them already! Oh well.

It was a fun holiday - low key, as seems to be our M.O. for holidays, and filled with family and food. Austin let me have lots of good naps (truly the best gift he could give me), the kids were tired of their Christmas presents just days after they opened them (whyyy do we buy them anythinggg), and I was definitely ready for them to go back to school. I used to say I hated summer and preferred winter (with fall being my favorite season), but now with kids winter is so hard. Too many layers required to leave the house, too slushy and wet and cold and dirty, too many hours cooped up in the house. So now I appreciate summer much more than I used to.

Back to Christmas...we walked to HyVee on Christmas Eve to burn off some energy, and left with these funny "walking" reindeer balloons that they were giving away. Stockton threw a fit when we wouldn't buy him a push pop (we had already bought ice cream as the treat) and Austin had to literally carry him the entire way home because Stockton kept trying to run back to the store (which closed for the holiday right after we left). It wasn't the most peaceful Christmas Eve, but the kids were still excited. I think the anticipation about killed Natalie, haha.

Stockton LOVED the reindeer balloon

I had fun making everything look pretty after they went to bed...being Santa is so fun!

aaaand the kids had fun tearing everything apart!
 Jack was excited about his new basketball gear, Stockton had a big Peppa play lot to enjoy, and Natalie's favorite gift was her scooter.

 We went over for Christmas breakfast and Stockton loved taking pictures with Grandpa's camera.

talking to missionary Makae

playing the new Pop-up Pirate game

and the perfect end to our day: Ticket to Ride
and apple cider

 Natalie got to go to Paint Yourself Silly with Grandma

 Natalie honed her pop star skills over break, turning on lots of Taylor Swift and calling herself N9...she was so cute with her homemade microphone and lip synching

 Squished in the back of Cecy (the smaller white car) when the van was being worked on

I was bringing this very full pot of soup to someone
and it kept spilling....I grabbed a (clean) diaper
to soak up any leaks, and it worked beautifully

 Natalie saw me studying my scriptures at the table after church and wanted to join in - it was very sweet helping her read and underline scriptures and talk about what they mean to her.

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