Monday, May 20, 2019

End of 2nd Quarter

 Natalie was featured in the end of quarter assembly with her award from music class and also being a Star Student. Their school does a great job taking pictures and posting them, and it's fun to scroll through and try to find my kids.

my sister's new puppy, Winnie
 We got to come decorate gingerbread houses with the boys' preschool class. Natalie was excited to be taken out of her class to come down and participate with us.

Stockton LOVES Miss Lauren

Natalie and Jack doing the schedule song

Stockton calls these his "scary" undies because
they have monsters on them 

 Donut Saturday!

 Sledding was hugely popular this winter. That little red sled got lots of use! 

we made a fort and watched on the iPad one afternoon

I love this picture. 

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