Monday, May 20, 2019

Picture Dump, January/February

So many little energy to caption each one...

 family trees for our genealogy come follow me lesson 

poor sick Natalie

"rabbit trap"

Natalie had the flu and did not like them sticking
probes down her throat and up her nose to diagnose


 he found his old iron man jammies that are hilariously small on him

we switched the bedrooms around, so the boys are now on the bunkbed in one room
and Natalie and the crib are in the other room...I love the symmetry of boys/girls rooms!
I spy Stockty reading

my niece, Katara! her parents are
Kevin and Makenzie

school was cancelled at least twice because it was dangerously cold

Sam's fiancee, Kristy! (dubbed "Krispy" by us)
they will marry in August 

keeping his balloon close, even when resting

Natalie hides Kitty before school so no one steals her

Natalie's bulletin board

Pop Pop always has three shadows

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