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Rest of the Hospital Stay

It is so sweet to come back to these pictures after six months! The memories are fresher when posted asap but when that didn't happen it's a treat to reminisce after the fact. This sweet sweet baby! We just have so much love for her.

Meeting her brothers! They were very excited and impressed with the whole proceedings. Stockton immediately took it upon himself to test her bink out and then shove it in her mouth whenever possible. (He still does that sometimes haha.)
Jack kept saying over and over, "She's so cuuute!" He was excited to gently "pet" her and see her fuzzy hairs. He squealed when she opened her eyes.

See those suspicious eyes?! It took her a little while to adjust to her surroundings haha. I think she preferred the womb (but who wouldn't?). Nursing was a little challenging to start - my milk came in later than Claire wanted it to, so she was mad about sucking and not getting anything. Finally, maybe on day three, we gave her a bottle an…