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This SWEET girl, wow. I think I take 20 pictures of her every day. They say the last child usually gets the jip as far as pictures/memories go, but I think we take way more pictures of Clarita haha.

She was charming us in the waiting room at the dentist.

Stockton and Natalie went to go get the mail together, sharing an umbrella. Cuties!!

Natalie exults in having a little sister. She always wants to make her laugh and pick her up and be cozy with her. She reads her books and laughs when she sneezes and just loves her so much.

The neighbors gave us this old duckling toy and Claire, the "duckling" (from Mimi) in her duck jammies looked so cute chomping on it. Look at her delicious cheeks and pursed lips!!

Stockton turns 6!

Stockton had a great birthday! He was very interested in birthdays in general this year, especially the age change. He would ask, "Am I 5? Am I 6?" One time I wasn't paying attention and I just said "Yes" not realizing he had just asked if he was 6, and he panicked haha. He wasn't ready to move up yet. But when his birthday came he was proud to leave 5 behind. 
I love our tradition of opening presents first thing when we wake up on birthdays! When I was growing up we had to wait allll dayyy and it was fun but devastating haha. Stockton is wearing the new buzz lightyear jammies that he got to open the previous night.

He got his own basketball, basketball shoes, woody and buzz jammies, and some new headphones. He loved opening and enjoying each present, which was really cute.

Natalie was not pleased that it wasn't her birthday and scowled the entire time. She kept saying classic kid things like "Why don't Iiiiiii ever get headphones? How come it…