Friday, November 22, 2019


the kids like to pretend they are teaching
downstairs and one morning I came down to find
their laptop in the place where mine usually goes

This SWEET girl, wow. I think I take 20 pictures of her every day. They say the last child usually gets the jip as far as pictures/memories go, but I think we take way more pictures of Clarita haha.

She was charming us in the waiting room at the dentist.

Stockton and Natalie went to go get the mail together, sharing an umbrella. Cuties!!

then they played in the rain with oversized coats and Jack made me laugh so hard when
I looked out - I swear he looked just like E.T. hahaha

Natalie exults in having a little sister. She always wants to make her laugh and pick her up and be cozy with her. She reads her books and laughs when she sneezes and just loves her so much.

The neighbors gave us this old duckling toy and Claire, the "duckling" (from Mimi) in her duck jammies looked so cute chomping on it. Look at her delicious cheeks and pursed lips!!

Bathing beauty! She loves her baths. She does not relish being cold before/after, though. Her cute lil bum!

Jack has been super into inventing and building and creating lately, so I went to the Dollar Store and got him this "machine box" with all sorts of materials. He was so excited! It is so fun watching him at work (play).

Mimi sent a Halloween box for everyone to enjoy, and this red nose was definitely a hit!

Natalie has been reading to Jack a little bit, and it is our favorite thing to watch. So sweet!

I came upstairs after teaching one night and thought
Austin was dead. Face down into the carpet, fast asleep haha

one of the elite General Conference snacks this session

creating obstacle courses during Conference 

Claire doesn't have any teeth yet but loves chomping on things. It is fun watching her explore new tastes! She is generally not picky, which is nice.

Stockton was so excited to be swaddled like Claire haha. Claire, not so much.

Look at this sweetie. She's all fuzzy from her bath. We sit in this green chair for our "chair time" every morning while the kids are at school and it is a blessing to be able to spend this time with her.

I love this picture of us watching Conference at Gma's

Stockton RELISHES being Claire's older brother. It is so sweet and wondrous! I hope he will always be close with her. Watching the relationships between our children grow is one of our biggest sources of happiness!

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  1. HI!!! Yay for updates! That's so cool and brave of you to jump in to VIP Kid. When do you sleep? Your kids are flourishing and have such sweet faces. I love reading/seeing what's happening with you!