Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lunch Dates and other misc

getting ready for school blessings 

goofs! Natalie and Jack making the same face haha

We got discount costumes the day after Halloween and the kids were STOKED.

watching a funny video that Makall sent - they were so cute all gathered together

cozy girls post bath!

Jack got a new fox and blanket from Mimi. He loves being cozy, especially in his fox robe! And this is our homemade Forky toy. Stockton loves Forky from Toy Story 4 and freaked out one day when I refused to buy him a Forky toy at Target (we're talking like HUGE freak out, screaming, dragging to the car, throwing his booster seat at the car next to us...yeah) so when he calmed down we made our own.
Happy 29th birthday to meeee!

Wow, babies eating are so cute haha. Claire LOVES table food! We often just grind up whatever we are eating and she happily chomps it down.

ah, the whole line of utensil toys (Jack made "Spoony" and Natalie made "Nike"

Jack LOVES stuffed animals and sleeps with so many haha 

Natalie reading to Jack before school

Last month I got to go to school and have lunch with each child! They set up a VIP table in the cafeteria where you get to sit when you have a visitor. The kids were thrilled!

I caught myself thinking that too soon my little Claire will be at school, wahhh!

Natalie loves school. She has so many cute little friends and loves her teachers and always comes home talking a mile a minute about something that happened that day. Her cute friend Alex got to sit with us too, and Natalie was very excited.

Jack is our little inventor boy. He gathers all sorts of random materials around the house (approved and not approved haha) and sketches some ideas on paper and then builds these intricate things! It is so cute and exciting to see him be so creative. His designs always have some sort of purpose and they often feature batteries. I can't remember what this particular invention was for (he literally makes new machines every day) but he was so proud of himself. I love watching him explore this way! Maybe he will be some sort of engineer or architect.

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