Friday, November 22, 2019

Stockton turns 6!

Stockton had a great birthday! He was very interested in birthdays in general this year, especially the age change. He would ask, "Am I 5? Am I 6?" One time I wasn't paying attention and I just said "Yes" not realizing he had just asked if he was 6, and he panicked haha. He wasn't ready to move up yet. But when his birthday came he was proud to leave 5 behind. 

I love our tradition of opening presents first thing when we wake up on birthdays! When I was growing up we had to wait allll dayyy and it was fun but devastating haha. Stockton is wearing the new buzz lightyear jammies that he got to open the previous night.

He got his own basketball, basketball shoes, woody and buzz jammies, and some new headphones. He loved opening and enjoying each present, which was really cute.

he immediately grabbed the ipad to test out the headphones
Natalie was not pleased that it wasn't her birthday and scowled the entire time. She kept saying classic kid things like "Why don't Iiiiiii ever get headphones? How come it's not myyyyy birthday?" Bless her little jealous heart.

Grandma brought over presents and balloons to surprise Stockton after school!

Jack and I had a mini photoshoot while we were waiting for preschool

Then Claire was so squishy and warm that when she fell asleep I couldn't help but continue to hold her for her nap. Sweeties.

We went on a family walk to the nearest elementary school and found a cat! We named him Michael and he followed us all around. The kids were delighted. When we got into the rocket toy, the cat came in too, so we started calling him "Space Michael" which was hilarious to Austin and I haha.

these kids LOVE their Daddy 

Claire wanted to get in on the fun. She is growing so fast! (I am writing this two months after it happened and she looks so much smaller here!)

birthday boy was tired from the festivities

We celebrated part two at Grandma and Grandpa's house that Sunday. Stockton was pleased to be able to blow out another set of candles! He doesn't eat the cake but he loves frosting.

Stockton is so special. He is challenging and hilarious and kind and interesting. He loves hugging us and being cozy with his purple blankie. He currently loves Toy Story 4 and Lego Movie 2. He has dramatically increased his meal variety by eating hot lunch at school. He's willing to try way more things and it's been great! His favorite foods continue to be spaghetti, nutella sandwiches, and "candy bar granola bars" (the chocolate covered ones that are literally candy). He loves Mario Kart and playing with his siblings. He still has his select few favorite jeans and shirts, but he has also opened up some new options, especially shirts or pullovers with thumb holes. He loves wearing pretend glasses (even to school). He'll wake up in the morning and come out to the couch, and then realize he didn't put his glasses on and run back to grab them saying "I can't see!" He has come such a long way from a couple birthdays ago. We are so grateful for this blonde-haired blue-eyed boy who we get to call ours! Happy birthday buddy!

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