Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Austin had some changes at work and has a more intense school semester so we found ourselves in need of some extra cash....Austin suggested that he could go to work as a night stocker at the grocery store, but I firmly denounced that. Sleep is important! Especially with all of the other things Austin already does every day. A lot of my friends work for VIPKid, an online teaching platform that teaches English to kids in China through Skype-like video and powerpoint slides. I'd never thought about doing it because it requires early mornings (and our kids already wake up way too early for my taste), but I felt like I could look into it this time and I was surprised by how excited I felt about it. Three months later and I am totally digging it!

It felt like learning a whole new language with all of the lingo, the ESL certification, the logistics of bookings and scheduling and payment, and then the actual teaching! But I dove in and once I surfaced I didn't look back. It took a few weeks to get consistent bookings but now I have regular (mixed in with some new) students every morning and can teach as much as I want. I feel like I'm actually at capacity right now...I teach around 140 classes a month, give or take, and the past two months I've made $1600. I teach from 5am-7 or 7:30am M-F, and then Friday and Saturday nights for 3 or 4 hours, plus extra early on Saturday mornings (3 or 4am-7.) I could open earlier slots or more evening slots but I think I'm at my max for how tired I'm willing to be...right now it's at manageable levels, and I don't want to push it. Claire still wakes up to eat at night at least once, usually twice, and I'm someone who needs a lot of sleep in general, so I think I will keep this schedule and not go earlier.

Here are various screenshots from different classes over the past three months...I think it's really cute when they show me their pets (so far I've seen cats, dogs, turtles, and crabs!).

This is Ryan and his mom, Connie. I have taught Ryan since
he started at VIPKID! 32 classes and counting. We have fun
using the different filters to play in class.

Yolanda was one of my very first students and now I teach her
every week! She is Level 4, so very conversational, and I love
teaching her and learning more about her life. We found out
that we like to read the same books, and she wants to be a painter.

I teach Kitty regularly, and she is just the cutest. She LOVES
getting stars (each class on the platform we can press a button
that makes a star pop up on their screen)

I only taught this boy once but when we talked about horses he left to
go get this RIDING CAPE! Apparently he rides horses every day

Lulu is one of the sweetest, smartest little girls! She is just so cute.
Her mom is very patient and kind with Lulu and very nice to me,
but she also expects little Lulu to read and write already, so it's
been a good challenge to adjust my teaching to cater to what
this mom expects. 

I teach Sunny every Friday and Saturday night and one time she
had a kitten! I think it has the funniest little grumpy face haha.
Sunny was very distracted during this class haha. The kitten kept
trying to eat her ear and crawl all over her.

This student circled the turtle on the slide and reached over and
showed me this wriggling turtle! Haha it made me laugh because
the turtle's arms and legs were wind milling so fast

Kitty drew this picture of me! It matches my profile picture
with the banana. She was SO proud of herself.

Lulu singing...so cute!


  1. Can I have my daughter Darby contact you about this job? I think she would be great at it, and she could make it work with her class schedule. Plus she has taken 2 years of Mandarin in college, and she is in Japanese right now too.

    1. Darn it you need a bachelor's degree to apply but I'd be happy to talk with her after she graduates! There are other online teaching platforms similar to VIPKid, I wonder if they have different education requirements?