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Claire at 10 months

I've heard youngest siblings complain about not having enough pictures of themselves as babies, but I don't think Claire will ever have to worry about that! We are just so delighted by this precious babe...I try to capture her curiosity and light through pictures and it's not the same as being with her in person but we will remember anyway.

She is getting so active - she crawls around everywhere and still likes rolling, too. She knows how to do a high five, wave, clap, and, our personal favorite, thumbs up. She says "aaayyyy!" for "yay" when she's clapping, and she's been saying Dada for at least a month.

We would love it if she would sleep for longer stretches, both during nap time at at night. She was sleeping better when she was younger, and now she kind of lost her mojo a little bit. Still, she isn't as bad as our other babies with sleep, so we can't complain too much. She still wakes up to eat at night like three times, so we'r…

Christmas in Utah!

We swore off traveling for the holidays years ago because the unpredictable wintry weather made it so stressful, and we got into our own groove of enjoying holidays at home. We had such a fun, successful trip to St. George/Salt Lake City this summer though that we thought we should do another one and spend Christmas in Utah. We are so glad we did!

It always feels hectic preparing for a trip, but this time was even more crazy because it was December, which is always busy, and Makall's wedding was the day before we wanted to leave, and we left on a Sunday, so I had to do all the shopping and prep way earlier. It all worked out, we had a wonderful weekend with Poulsens in town for the wedding (more on that later), and we were so ready to go that instead of leaving in the middle of the night like we had planned, we left at 8pm!

 The kids were SO excited. They got all cozy in the car with their blankies and animals and movies. They are great travelers, which we are so grateful for! The…