Monday, January 13, 2020

Wobbly Man

At school sometimes the kids listen to a group called Go Noodle...there are lots of fun dancing videos designed to get kids moving. Pop See Koo was Stockton's favorite in the past, and he also went through a Superheroes Unite! phase. The latest video craze at our house is Wobbly Man (see link). 

We were driving one day and Stockton shouted "WOBBLY MAN!" as we passed this shopping center...we pulled over immediately and the kids ran out of the car to go do the Wobbly Man dance. It was really funny and totally made Stockton's dream come true haha.

(in case I wasn't sure what these were, Natalie
labeled them for me)

Fast forward to a few weeks later...we're shopping at Target in the Halloween section and Stockton finds a WOBBLY MAN COSTUME. I couldn't believe such a thing even existed, or that we would run into it during our own wobbly man phase, but Stockton wasn't leaving Target without it. He asked very sweetly if he could take it home and I said yes, and he clutched it to his chest the rest of the shopping trip. He must have asked me ten more times if we were buying it, making sure that I wasn't changing my mind. I sent this picture to my family and Max was so happy Stockton found such a "Stockton" thing that he immediately sent me money so he could pay for it.

Of course, the second we got home we had to give it a try. It did NOT disappoint!

He wore it for an entire hour haha! There's a little fan inside the costume that clips on and inflates the costume. Stockton could not have been more in his element. He was wobbling all over the place! It was a mark of how clear it was that this was such a Stockty thing that Natalie and Jack weren't even jealous or asking for their own costumes or anything. It was a foregone conclusion that Stockton had to have this costume.

The funniest part of the whole thing was watching him try to do normal things while wearing the costume.

Thank you, Target, for making our boy so happy! He wobbled to his heart's content.

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  1. This is just so happy cute and FUN! I love the wobbly man!